Friday, September 7, 2007

7 Things Your Motorcycle Passenger Must Know

Having a passenger behind you can add an element of fun to your ride but it also adds some needed extra caution. The extra weight affects your bikes handling characteristics. An increase in distance is also needed for accelerating, slowing down and stopping.

Be sure to check your bikes tire pressure and suspension settings. If you are inexperienced with carrying a passenger, practice in an empty parking lot before heading off into traffic. This is also a good chance to teach your partner how to be a good passenger. Remember, avoid abrupt acceleration, shifting and braking.

7 Things Your Motorcycle Passenger Must Know:

Ensure your passenger wears protective gear.

Caution your passenger about touching hot or moving parts.

Remind your passenger to not climb aboard until after you are on.

Make sure your passenger holds on to your waist or hand-holds.

Tell your passenger to keep their feet on the foot pegs.

Warn your passenger to not make any sudden moves.

Remind your passenger to mimic your moves, especially when cornering.

I don't take my wife with me on rides too often because she just doesn't enjoy sitting on the back of a motorcycle. My kids love it though and I take them for short rides and look forward to taking them on longer ones when they get a little older. Sometimes when I'm riding alone and I see a great view or something interesting to stop and look at I wish I had someone with me to share the experience with. It seems to take the enjoyment of the moment to a higher level.

So if you have someone to share your ride with, great! Enhance the experience by having confidence in your passenger and your passenger in you by following these 7 reminders. Be safe and have a great ride!
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence: Skills, Knowledge, and Strategies for Riding Right (2nd Edition)

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also have a uly love the bike live in lasvegas so get to ride alot.had bike since june and have logged over 3400 miles ya fan can be irritating but what a bike.go buell xb12x.