Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scooter Quick Reference Guide for 2007/2008

The price of oil is breaking new records and has reached over $92.00 a barrel as of this writing. Along with the price of oil, the price of gas is sure to skyrocket. The days of cheap fuel are gone forever. And for eco-conscious folks to consider, one gallon of gas burned releases an astounding five pounds of carbon into the atmosphere!

This brings me to the topic of scooters. Scooters are an economical alternative mode of transportation, sure to save gas. And they aren't just for college kids to drive around campus anymore. Now days there are a large and diverse range of scooters available for every purpose and every lifestyle. Fun for everyone!

Some of the scooters are as big as a motorcycle, like the Suzuki Burgman Executive at 638cc. Others are as small as 49cc which are made by all the manufacturers represented here except Suzuki. Gas mileages on scooters often can double that of a motorcycle. The classic looking Yamaha Vino 125 can get up to 90 mpg. That's a huge savings at the pump and a lot less carbon in the atmosphere.

I've compiled a list of the more common 2007/2008 model scooters with their MSRP and links to the websites for those interested in exploring the scooter possibilities even further:

Make/ Model/ cc/ MSRP/ Links to Official Sites


SR 50 R Factory/ 49/ $2,999.00/Aprilia
Scarabeo 100 4T/ 96/ $2,699.00
Mojito 150/ 150/ $3,499.00
Scarabeo 200/ 200/ $3,599.00
Sportcity 250/ 244/ $4,599.00
Scarabeo 500 ie/ 460/ $6,299.00


Metropolitan/ 49/ $1,899.00/ Honda
Ruckus/ 49/ $2,049.00
Elite 80/ 80/ $2,399.00
Helix/ 244/ $5,349.00
Reflex/ 249/ $5,549.00
Silver Wing/ 582/ $8,099.00


5-49cc models from $1,599.00 to $2,499.00/ KYMCO
2-125CC MODELS AT $1,999.00 and $2,999.00
2-150cc models at $3,199.00 and $3,499.00
People S 200/ 163/ $3,299.00
4-250cc models from $3,999.00 to $4,899.00
Xciting 500/ 500/ $5,999.00


Burgman 400/ 400/ $5,949.00/ Suzuki
Burgman 650/ 638/ $7,899.00
Burgman 650 Executive/ 639/ $8,999.00


LX/ 50/ $3,699.00/ Vespa
PX 150/ 150/ $4,699.00
LX/ 150/ $4,799.00
LXV/ 250/ $5,699.00
Granturismo 200/ 200/ $5,799.00
GTS 250/ 250/ $6,499.00
GTV/ 250/ $7,299.00


Vino Classic/ 49/ $1,949.00/ Yamaha
C3/ 49/ $1,999.00
Zuma/ 49/ $2,099.00
Vino 125/ 124/ $2,649.00
Morphous/ 250/ $5,299.00
Majesty/ 395/ $5,899.00

So there you have it, the most popular scooters around, from 49cc up to 638cc and from $1,899.00 to $8,999.00. That makes the average bran spankin new scooter only $5,449.00, a bargain as compared to a car or most motorcycles. Imagine what you could do with all the savings! Maybe there's a scooter in your future?
©2007 N.(Kano)Miles, Kano's Coffee House

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