Thursday, September 6, 2007

Owner Satisfaction Survey - Buell Ulysses XB12X

Owner Name/State - Mike/Oregon

Year/Make/Model - 2007 Buell Ulysses (1200cc)

Modifications/Accessories - Taller Windshield, Soft Bags.

How tall are you? - 5'11"

How are the ergonomics, is the bike comfortable? - The bike fits me well. The seat is OK for short touring, the bars and pegs are just right. Wind blast is a bit much at 55+. Obnoxiously loud and continual cooling fan. Power and low end torque are substantial.

What would you say about the handling characteristics? - The bike rides fairly light and it seems to hop around a bit when hitting rough spots and at speed - maybe I need to adjust the suspension a little to soften it up.

What is the bike mostly used for? - Commuting and short touring. The most fun I have is taking short tours (less than 200 miles) off the beaten path, no traffic, no freeways, combined with fly fishing. There is a lot of opportunity to do this during the spring, fall, and summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Has there been any unscheduled maintenance or repairs done? Not yet, 2,200 miles so far.

What is the average gas mileage? - 49mpg when riding easy, 44mpg with spirited riding.

Average miles ridden per week? (summer months) - Usually about 120.

Mileage on the odometer? - 2,200.

What do you like most about the bike? - Low end torque and adequate high end power. It is a little hot rod and fun to ride. Can be ridden almost like a sport tourer.

What do you like least about the bike? - Obnoxious fan noise and heat from rear cylinder/pipes. Power at low speeds in first and second is a bit twitchy and you have to be careful using the throttle in first and second. You always have to be ready to fly when you give it the gas - that's OK when you are ready, but watch out if not.

Would you buy another one? - There are too many different bikes to ride, I am already thinking about my next bike. I like the style though and I think the Buell is an excellent bike and value.

If you had a different bike, what would it be? - I have never met a bike I didn't like. There are some bikes that I didn't care for some characteristics. My ideal bike would be: light, quick (but not necessarily high top end), have some character, be able to travel distances comfortably, dependable, able to travel rough roads - not dirt trails - come to think of it, the Buell matches my needs very well.

Overall are you satisfied with your bike? - Definitely, but I am looking for an after market fan that is much quieter.

Would you recommend the bike to others? - ONLY if it fits the riding style of the rider - this bike is not for everybody.

So there you have it, The Buell Ulysses. Thank you Mike for taking the time to do the survey. - Anyone else want their bike on this blog? Just send me an email at Thanks. Kano - Copyright 2007 N.(Kano)Miles Kano's eCoffee House.

Adventure Buell: 1,000 miles in 24 hours.(UNCONVENTIONAL TOURING)(Buell XB12X Ulysses)(Product/service evaluation): An article from: American Rider

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