Sunday, June 24, 2007

Honda Trail 90 - A Dream Realized!

When I was a youngster walking through a summertime berry patch a kid on his dad's new 1968 Honda Trail 90 roared past. Well whizzed by, roared might be too strong a word to describe it. I was thinking that I had to get one of those. In fact I thought on it a lot. And over the years I thought about it some more. Even as recently as about a month ago when I read an article about one. But the wish didn't come true. At least not for 40 years anyway. In that time other bikes have come and gone. But not A Trail 90. Yesterday I got one.

I got it from a guy who's wife threw him out of the house along with his collection of future restoration projects. Basket case bikes. I'm no mechanic so my interest was waning until in that chaos of rusting metal something recognizable caught my eye. A Honda Trail 90. I asked the guy about it and as it turns out it was a 1968 model. My wallet soon was empty, I gave the guy a hundred and ten plus ten for delivery. I was the recipient and owner of a fading dream realized.

Now this bike is no urban brawler or rocket negotiating the twisties at 120mph. It's no twenty thousand dollar rolling couch with all the bells and whistles either. It's a hundred and ten dollar 1968 Honda Trail 90 and it's all mine. Did I mention it's overdue for servicing? Maybe about 39 years overdue! She doesn't run. Good compression though. I'm going to get er going again. Stay tuned for updates.

Oh, the moral of the story. Don't get your butt kicked out of the house because you might lose a bike or two, and don't ever let go of your dreams.


Lance said...

Nice story, and good advice to keep the dream alive. I have been looking off and on for a Honda Trail 90, and with my 50th birthday approaching I may realize the dream too! Thanks for writing about this great motorcycle.

Kano said...

lance -You're welcome and thank you for your comment and for the nice tip for the "Moto Barista"

Hope you find a Trail 90 and you too will experience "a dream realized"

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