Sunday, July 15, 2007

Change Is Good (as long as I can keep the Sportster)

Yesterday I submitted my resignation from my job. I've worked there about 3 years and that's long enough. As the saying goes, "A rolling stone gathers no moss." Life is all about change. Life itself is change.

I got another job but it's always a little unsettling not knowing what I'm getting into. I remind myself that if for some reason I don't like the new job, there are plenty more out there. It's an adventure and adventure makes me feel alive.

I ride off into uncharted territory, my faithful Sportster will gather no moss either.


irondad said...

I'll have to rummage about a bit, here!

The original meaning of the rolling stone and moss thing was actually the opposite. It might be surprising, I know.

If a man didn't settle down and stay put he wouldn't be able to gather much in material things. Similar to what a rock does when it sits in one place forever instead of rolling.

Different twist, isn't it?

Good luck on the new job.

Kano said...

Thanks irondad, that is interesting about the original meaning of the proverb. You know your stuff!