Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Motorcycles, Allergies and Global Warming

Just in case anybody out there needs another reason to park the cage and ride instead, listen to this. Motorcycles and scooters are far more environmentally friendly than their 4 wheel cousins. They use far less raw materials to produce, use up about half the fuel, and add less pollution to the air from exhaust. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have gone up significantly. Too much carbon dioxide has become an ever growing problem. What's any of this got to do with allergies?

According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture study soon to be published, allergies are on the rise because of an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This pollution encourages plant growth, which means more grass, ragweed and tree pollen. In fact, ragweed alone makes nearly twice as much pollen today at it did 100 years ago. That production is predicted to double again in this century, due to predicted increases in carbon dioxide levels.

If you have noticed more people are suffering from allergies than ever before, now you know why. Every time you jump in the saddle instead of climbing into the cage, you have become a part of the solution to the problem and you are setting a good example for others to follow. Now if we could just get about a billion other people to start riding! Maybe us motorcyclists can make a difference, by doing all we can to promote riding over driving. For every bike on the road that's one less car or truck, and that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

actually, though less exhaust comes out of your motorcycle, more pollutants come out of the tail pipe of the cleanest fossil fuel motorcycle than out of the dirtiest car.

Kano said...

anonymous-Your comment sounded odd to me so I checked it out. Seems you're right but when you take into account that a motorcycle is on the road less time per mile than the car, the Motorcyle actually pollutes less.

What the hell is going on that they can't or won't make a bike that pollutes less than a car?