Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Motorcyclists, You Can Help Save The Rain Forests One Cup At A Time!

On your next coffee stop you might think twice about what you order and the same for when you buy coffee for home. Every action we take has a positive or negative impact on people and the environment. In the case of coffee, the impact on what we buy is huge. The Rain Forests are being cut and burned at an alarming rate. And the Rain Forests are important to our survival...

A while back I was running low on coffee in the house. I thought, hey I'm an affiliate for Island Joe's Gourmet Coffee in Key West Florida, and I have links for them on my blogs. Why not give them a try? I ordered the Organic Fair Trade Shade Grown Breakfast Blend. Within a few days I was brewing up a pot of some of the most aromatic and best tasting coffee I have ever had.

If you love coffee as much as I do then you deserve the best. It's definitely worth the extra cost to have good coffee delivered right to your front door. The flavor of freshly roasted and ground organic coffee just doesn't compare to the so-called coffee that comes in a can.

Why buy organic coffee, shade grown coffee, and fair trade coffee? And what the heck does all that mean you might ask. Well I don't want to lose readers by going too long on a post, so here's the short of it:

Organic = No fertilizers, pesticides or other toxic chemicals and that means better quality, healthier and less impact on the environment.
Shade Grown = No chopping or burning down the Rain Forest to plant bigger crops of coffee. Coffee plants are grown where they grow naturally, under the canopy of trees.
Fair Trade = The coffee farmers are paid a fair amount for their crops. Something that most of the coffee bean brokers don't do. Poverty, exploitation and misery are reduced.

So there you have it Motorcyclists. Buy the best, do the right thing, buy organic shade grown fair trade coffee. It's an honorable thing you can do for the less fortunate, for the Rain Forests and ultimately for yourself. You can make a difference one cup at a time!

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R.G. said...

Well Kano I think we are probably at opposite ends of the spectrum concerning things such as politics and our effect on the enviornment, but unlike so many others I have spirited debates with, you actually practice what you preach. I respect that and admire that in people. Thanks again for the invite to the MOB. Hope to see it grow.

Kano said...

RG-Thank you for joining. Yes it does seem we are at different ends of the political spectrum but we do have Oregon, love of motorcyling, both of us being Navy veterans (Army too in my case) and of course blogging.

Different opinions and the freedom to express them is just one of the things that make America great. So I welcome different opinions about things. I don't debate however. If someone has a view about something I don't agree with. Fine. I know that I am wasting my breath trying to convince anybody my view is right. I agree to disagree as the saying goes.

So again welcome RG, I hope to see the MOB grow too. It's going to be fun!