Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Sportster Unleashed - Motorcycle Camping Trip Coming Up!

Well, the Sportster and I are going to get an overnight road trip before the end of summer comes. Just when I thought I would miss out on my annual summer motorcycle journey, a telephone call came from my boss at work.

I work at a group home and the boss wanted to know if I could go on a 3 day camping trip with them. The only catch being I would have to take my own vehicle! Of course that was no catch at all for me, this was a chance to take my Sportster and get in a road trip, and paid for to boot!

I am leaving today for the Umpqua National Forest near Cottage Grove, Oregon and will return on Friday. After I get back, I'll be posting all about it. So be sure to check back this coming weekend for a new post featuring how my butt fared on that stock Sportster seat after about 100 miles each way. Have a great week ya all!

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