Monday, August 13, 2007

Re-Creation on a Sportster

I don't ride as much as I used to. My riding these days has been mostly limited to a short commute to and from work. Once a week maybe I get out for a bit of a longer more recreational ride. It just doesn't seem like enough.

The word recreational says it all. Re-creation, to re-create. After going for a ride on my Sportster I feel renewed, born again into my real self, young. When I haven't ridden in awhile I slowly but surely feel worn down, rusty, old.

The price of gas and my growing concern about global warming have put something of a damper on what used to be frequent and joyful rides.

How to reconcile my need for the road along with being less of an impact on the environment and my wallet is the question. Doing what I'm doing now is the answer.

I ride and re-create, and when I'm not riding, I'm reading about riding. When I'm not doing that I blog, about motorcycles of course!

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