Friday, November 2, 2007

Motorcycle Blog & Website Find of the Week

I stumbled on a site called "RAT Bike Zone", not to be confused with RAT (Riders Association of Triumphs). This site is for and about Rat Bikes in the literal sense. Their philosophy is, err, well in their words, "Rat Bikes Are No-Nonsense. Motorcycles? Sure - they use less fuel than cars, and motorcycles are easier to maneuver, park etc. But, deep down, the True Secret is: Motorcycles Are Fun. That's it! That's why we ride them, all the rest is just so much rationalizing. And Ratbikes are the ultimate distilled evolution of motorcycling: No Bullsh*t involved. Just do the minimum to keep them healthy and Ride. Let your bike wear it's visual history with pride. No time consuming cleaning, washing, polishing, adding shiny parts that do nothing. None of that, forget about it! Embrace The Pure and Essential Essence of Riding - Ride A Ratbike!"

So, missing out on some riding time to clean a bike does sound a little craaaaazy! Maybe those RAT guys are on to something here. The Rat Bike Zone wins the distinguished and coveted Kano's Coffee House award for motorcycle site of the week.
RAT Bike Zone

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