Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Who doesn't Love Their Motorcycle and what's That Got to Do with Sex?

"It's a beautiful machine" were the last words the salesman said before I rode off on my new Harley Sportster a couple of years ago. The salesman was right. For me anyway, motorcycles, especially Harleys, are the most beautiful things ever made by man. I would rather sit on a bench and take in the art of the machine then look at the "Mona Lisa" at the Louvre in Paris.

I love my bike; it's one of the few material things that I have a strong attachment to. It's as though the bike is an extension of me.

My wife thinks so too, in a literal sense however. She says men love motorcycles because they are some sort of phallic symbol, representing a projection of power or something like that. She may be right for all I know. Maybe Carl Jung would have agreed with her on that one.

But a lot of women love bikes too, what about them? Hmm, penis envy? Sigmund Freud's analysis might be that all those women riding around, subconsciously wish they had a peter.

As for me, I think motorcycles symbolize freedom, it's all about the freedom, and the art of form and function. Not a penis on wheels.

Yep, my Sportster, it's a beautiful machine alright. I'll just keep on riding while the poets, philosophers, psychoanalysts, and my wife figure out why.
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Steve said...

For me its about freedom. And I'm not a Harley lover. I do own a Harley though, but also a Yamaha. If you love motorcycles for the freedom of riding, then looks are not important. And I'm a married man, so nowdays looks means nothing to me!

Kz said...

Thanks for the great blog's Kano..

Many many years ago, when I was just a Tadpole, I started out with a honda 90, I guess I had pee pee envy then.

After a few years I graduated to ride inline twin 350's... I really enjoyed it, my wiener envy days.

Eventually I got into various rides, cruisers, large standards, sport tourers, I suppose those were my "peter" envy days...

Now I ride a larger dual purpose ("adventure class") bike, the only way I would consider going both ways is either on the street or in the dirt... My Big wang envy days are the greatest yet.

I can't even put my finger on why I ride, I just do... Besides, I really enjoy belonging to the "Great Big Motorcycle Club" where anyone who likes to ride is welcome.

Today its a Buell, tomorrow???

Be safe, Keep the rubber side of the bike on the road...

Kano said...

Steve-Right you are, I agree that riding gives one a sense of freedom that can't be duplicated.

Kano said...

KZ-That Odyssey's got to be a lot of fun! I'm thinking that I would like an adventure type bike too and am strongly leaning towards a Kawasaki KLR 650. If I did go that route, I would probably want to hang on to my Cruiser. I like it too much to part with. The KLR would make a great commuter and the occasional foray onto the mountain logging roads around here. They get great gas mileage too. The only thing is I don't like sitting up as high as they are. I would want to get the lowering kit for sure.

Anonymous said...


Don't knock it til you try it... sitting up high, for instance. I like seeing over the tops of small cars and pickups - gives me a better heads up view when riding!


Kano said...

kz-I'm not knocking it and I have tried it aplenty. I just prefer being a little lower to the ground. My brother in-law has an Odyssey which I've ridden around some. It's a whole lotta fun!