Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winter Motorcycle Riding Ahead, Enjoy!

It's mid November already; I can hardly believe it, where has the year gone! I keep riding my motorcycle through the winter but I do miss the occasional day here and there. I live in a relatively mild climate in the western part of Oregon. The winter weather doesn't usually get too nasty here. Once in awhile I opt to take my wife's cage to work if the roads are icy or its pouring down rain. She says, "better safe than stupid Kano!"

Then my thoughts turn to the not so fortunate and the more fortunate than I. Some people live in a harsh climate and can't do much riding during the cold months. Others continue the ride unabated amongst the Live Oaks and Palms of the sunny south. Some make the choice to live in the warmer climes primarily for the endless riding season. It's easy for me to understand why.

Still, riding cold and sometimes wet has its benefits as well. It makes a warm home all the more appreciated and there's something about being out in the elements that makes me feel more alive and connected to the natural world around me.

For instance, many folks spend their life in climate controlled buildings and vehicles. That's not for me! I need to be out there, in the wind, now that's living, really living!
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Heinz & Frenchie said...

We are in that group that rides among the palms in the sunny south. Understandable that you get a rush from riding in the elements and we don't envy you that thrill. Go for it! We prefer meandering under the sun with ocean breezes in our faces. But don't you stop as we vicariously enjoy reading about your winter rides. There is a big Toys for Santa ride on I95 every year. We, with our little Vespas, are not big enough for it, but we support it. A great cause!

Conchscooter said...

True enough, but ridingh in the rain in the Keys is still warm enough not to suffer. I envy you the twisties, I miss them, and a lightweight aircooled twin is the way to go!

Kano said...

heinz & frenchie- Yep, I lived and rode for a couple of years under the palms and live oaks on the south Texas Gulf Coast. I found riding down there had weather challenges too, just a different sort. Sudden lightning storms, flash floods, high humidity and once I encountered a flock of the biggest Dragonflys I'd ever seen!

Kano said...

Conchshooter- I did miss the mountain twisties when I lived down in Texas. I loved the warm gulf breezes too. Someday I hope to be able to enjoy both...That reminds me, I need to get over to 7eleven to get a lottery ticket!