Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motorcycling Out To The "Oregon Country Fair"

The first time I went to the "Oregon Country Fair" was back in the early 1990s. My wife and I literally stumbled upon it on our way back from a weekend at the beach.

Even though the fair has been happening every July since 1969 and somewhere around 50,000 people attend, we hadn't heard of it! Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. A cool thing like that and practically right in our own backyard!

This is no country fair like you'd think a country fair to be though. There aren't any cattle barns or farm implement displays, just a nostalgic re-visit of the free spirited 1960s on 280 wooded acres about 15 miles west of Eugene.

This year the fair will be the weekend of July 11-13 and I'll be firing up my motorcycle and once again I'll ride out to the country and back in time to 1969.

Read what Kano says about the fair and see more pics over at Kano's Further! Boomer News & Counter-Culture Views

The Oregon Country Fair Website

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Stop By - Have Fun said...

Hey man,
Just read your blog
You rock...!
Keep up the good work
I look forward to more
Vancouver BC

Earl Thomas said...

I don't know Kano, this almost sound like it would be fun enough to jump on the bike and ride out there! Little bit of a trek, but it sounds like a fun destination. Well see.

Kano said...

stop by - have fun (Baron's Life Blog)- Thanks and glad you like it! Looking forward to hearing more from you too.

Kano said...

earl thomas - Hey, it's not that far! If you do decide to go and don't mind travelling with the likes of me send an email to Maybe we could meet up in Salem and go from there. Tickets have to purchased in advance at Ticketmaster either online or at an outlet. They are something like $22.00 if I remember right. I'll be going on Sat. the 12th or more likely Sun. the 13th.