Thursday, July 3, 2008

Motorcycle Blogging At Work - Kano's Really Bad Idea #1,372

There's a time and a place for everything. Blogging at work is not the time nor the place. Kano explains:

Recently I was granted access at work to use the Internet- for research that is. I felt that the sky's had opened up and the literary gods were smiling on me. What a golden opportunity to kick up my Blogging a notch!

Then just as I was gearing up to make Motorcycle & Scooter Talk really rock & roll my boss discovered that I've been partaking of the company's high speed broadband connection for my own evil purposes, Blogging.

So I thought about it for a bit and decided it was best to keep my job. (Right Joel? I know you're reading this!)

I want to keep fixed firmly in my rear-view mirror my previous careers in ditch digging, dish washing, wrestling the criminally insane at a psychiatric hospital and cattle rustling.

Now it's back to my tired old dinosaur of a home computer with its "super no-speed dial-up Internet connection".

New posts may not be as frequent as I had planned. I'll do the best I can though.

And if my winning number comes up in the lottery, I'll take a look at hiring a bunch of secretaries, then I'll get a laptop with broadband. That way I could do a lot of posting!

Until then, I will post from home and as fast as time allows. I do have one coming up real soon about how to get the most out of your motorcycle or scooter by adding it to your arsenal of gardening tools. Thanks for the idea conchscooter!

Now if I could just find someone around here that knows how to type...

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Baron's Life said...

Again, you've got the gift of gab...If you win the Lottery and manage to get a secretary...she's gonna be the only laptop you ever gonna what I mean
Just think about it...she can be sitting all day typing on a slow dinosaur computer for all you care... a laptop is a laptop...and occasionally you can talk about the first thing that comes up.
Cheers mate and keep well. But seriously...Good work Bud.

Conchscooter said...

Stay under the radar at all costs. Ploughing by motorcycle. I can't wait.

Steve Johnson said...

Kano, you gotta start making some bucks from all your blogs, and quit that job.

Kano said...

baron's life- I try to keep it clean around here. Sometimes it's tough to do though. Especially when guys like you read too much into what I write! ;)Cheers!

conchscooter- Right you are, I'll do my best to fly low. I think the "motorcycle mulching" story will be coming up either this Friday or the following monday. Thanks again for the inspiration! Subscribe and you won't miss it!

steve johnson -I would love nothing more than being able to quit my job and just write and ride. Unfortunatly that's not happening any time soon!