Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reminder -Wednesday July 16 is Ride To Work Day!

From ridetowork.org:
Riding to work is fun.
Riding to work reduces traffic & parking congestion.
Riding to work uses less fuel than an automobile.
Riding to work leaves me alert & energized.
Riding to work results in less pollution than commuting in a larger vehicle.
Riding to work is less destructive to road surfaces, bridges etc.
Riding to work gets me to work faster (and back home)faster.
Riding to work demonstrates motorcycling as a social good.

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Earl Thomas said...

Rode to work today, and yesterday and the day before that and.......well you get the picture! Today was a little more unique in that I had to replace my wornout rear tire, so I took the KLR down to my favorite bike shop after work, the task at hand took about a half an hour, trying to get out of the place, closer to three. There were four of us in the shop this afternoon talking bikes and riding. I must've ridden 5000 miles today just listening to their stories, yeah the ride to work today was a good one, hope you had a good Ride to work today too.


Kano said...

earl thomas -Thanks earl I did enjoy the ride as always. My commute to work is late at night, returning home early in the morning, great times to ride in my opinion. And my lid is off to you as a regular moto commuter!