Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Motorcyclists Can Help the Victims of Hurricane Ike

Texas was ravaged by Hurricane Ike and as I write this post 6 days after the storm more than a million people are still without electricity. Thousands have lost their homes and many more than that are suffering the aftermath of the disaster.

Motorcyclists and scooterists are a charitable bunch and there's some things we can do to help the victims. Short of going down to Texas and getting personally involved in the relief effort, the next best thing we can do is donate financial support to organizations that are on the ground doing the good work of humanitarian assistance.

Donation Links:
American Red Cross Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief
The Salvation Army 1-800-SAL-ARMY
World Vision 1-888-56-CHILD
ASPCA Animal Rescue

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Lance said...

Kano, thanks for posting this, and the encouragement to help. I haven't been watching the news lately, but last night saw the continued damage in Houston from Ike. You are right, we can help.

Rick said...

Thanks for the links!

Kano said...

lance -Thank you for your comment. Houston got it bad, Galveston will take years to recover from the effects. I lived in Houston for a year and experienced some bad flooding but nothing like this!

Kano said...

rick -You bet and thanks for stopping by the coffee house!

Baron's Life said...


Thanks for the link. Every concerned citizen able to help should try to do so, for we only have one another in this world.

Take care

Kano said...

baron's life -indeed, and am glad to do it. Help doesn't always mean giving money, it can come in many different forms.