Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Motorcycling Through the Seasons of Change

Zipping the liner back into my riding jacket, inserting the wool liners into my 28 year old Army issue leather gloves, keeping the choke knob out a little longer while my motorcycle warms up, -all tell-tale signs that summer has come to a close and autumn has arrived, as measured by the likes of me, a motorcyclist. Here's my "Ode to Riding the Seasons":

Winter is the dark and damp ride before spring. And it's a cold ride that steels the body and fills the soul with resolve. Riding the open air exposed to the chilling elements brings a new appreciation for the warmth and protection of shelter and the warmer seasons of the year.

Riding through spring is an affirmation of the eternal cycle of life renewed. The sights and senses awaken to newly sprouted growth and the anticipation of possibilities ahead.

The warm glow of a summer evening is a welcome respite from the heat of the day. The unimpeded view of a sunset is enhanced, and the caress of the warm wind turns motorcycling into a sensual delight.

Fall is a paradox, its harvest time and death all at once. The frequency of my rides increases. And the sight of leaves blowing in the autumn wind quickens my desire to ride while I still can before winter sets-in. Anxious feelings soon are replaced by the peace forged from acceptance of the season and the inevitable winter ahead.

Winters come and they go. Enduring them is not difficult, knowing that everything has its time. The dark days must come before the light. Contrast is the mother of appreciation, and a life without it is nothing more than a dull and wasted blur.

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Conchscooter said...

No I don't miss the seasons. I never could figure out the acceptance thing.

Earl Thomas said...

I enjoy the changes and yes I'll say it, even moderation of course. Last Winter was brutal, the worse one that I can recall since I moved out to the Palouse country. If anything, I feel a bit slighted this Summer only because of the hard Winter and dismal Spring that we had. Here's hoping for a mild Winter.


Baron's Life said...

Why would you want to ride in the winter....?
I thought you said you're selling Liberty. It'd be good if you can hold on to it...cause I know you love riding.
You're a poet my friend.
Take care

Kano said...

conchscooter -I get tired of cold and wet winters but when I lived for a while down on the south gulf coast of TX. where the winter is about 2 weeks long, I missed the seasonal changes. I guess the best of both worlds would be to live in 2 different places and go back and forth as the mood strikes. Hey, speaking of weather. You've got a hurrican heading your way. Are going to evacuate or do you have to stay on because of your job?

earl thomas -You've got some cold winters over there in Palouse country but not the wet and rain like we have over here. Most people will tolerate cold more than wet.

baron's life -I haven't sold it yet. Still looking for a buyer. In any event, I find the only useful attitude about the whole thing is to stay positive and go on assuming that a replacement bike will come along when I sell "Liberty" some how, some way.