Thursday, June 21, 2007

Destination-Hippie Heaven in 2007

Looking for a good ride this summer? If you live in Oregon or can get there, the Oregon Country Fair is worth a visit. It's not like it sounds, you won't see cattle in a smelly dairy barn. What you will see is droves of tie dyed t-shirts and half naked bodies milling around 280 wooded acres near Eugene, Oregon. It's like stepping into a time machine and being transported back to the sixties.

Thousands of hippies and hippie curious folks make their way to the fair from all over the world. It's been going on every summer since 1969 and this summer it's on July 13th ,14th and 15th. It's a big event, so parking is a problem. Shuttle buses run from several locations in Eugene about every 15 minutes or so. I highly recommend taking the shuttle instead of boiling out in the sun while waiting to get into the parking lot.

The fair features handmade crafts, music, foods and community based culture. The times I went to the fair, I didn't see any police around but the fair had it's own security. So it's safe, you won't see any drunken brawls or anything like that. People watching is a hoot too. You won't be the only wild looking character around! There's plenty of other colorful people to see. Kind of like Mardi Gras, you'll see folks strolling around wearing masks and dressed up in costumes. There is a variety of entertainment, lots of music, juggling acts, fire breathers, sword swallower's, you name it. Be sure to check out the displays at the Energy Park and see the towering "Silver Man".

The Fair is located 12 miles west of Eugene off of highway 126. To find out more go to the Oregon Country Fair website. So dig out that tie-dyed t-shirt from the bottom of your closet, dust off those bell bottoms and head out to the fair, see you there!

p.s. I'll be the funny looking dude with a camera, taking snapshots of the energy display in the foreground, and some shocking examples of under dressed hippies gone wild in the background. You might also recognize me by the new store bought tie-dyed t-shirt I got that day. Hope I don't forget to take the price tag off! There's still a lot of hippie left in me, but my everyday fashion apparel has changed some over the years. I now wear a lot better jeans and my t-shirt colors are a little more, shall we say, discreet.

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