Tuesday, July 24, 2007

10 Good Reasons For Owning a Scooter

Once again scooters in the U.S. are on the rise. As the price of gas goes ever higher people start feeling the pinch and turn towards more economical modes of transportation. Many other countries especially in Europe and Asia have far greater scooter riders than does the U.S. but I predict we will some day catch up to the global trend. For as long as we need internal combustion engines, scooters are a practical and greener choice.

10 good reasons for owning a scooter:
1. Scooters are relatively inexpensive to purchase.
2. They are cheap to maintain.
3. Use less gas than a car or many motorcycles.
4. Emissions are low.
5. They don't take much raw materials to produce.
6. Have decent storage space, depending on the model.
7. Are light, maneuverable and easy to park.
8. Newer models are very reliable.
9. They're great for short trips, errands, and commuting.
10. Scooters are a lot of fun!

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