Friday, July 20, 2007

Are You a Motorcycle Maniac?

Take this quick quiz to find out where you stand in the world of motorcycling. Answer yes or no to each question.

1. As soon as you get your new motorcycle home you're already thinking about your next bike.
2. You read motorcycle magazines cover to cover, even the technical stuff you don't understand.
3. You read motorcycle magazines cover to cover, even the technical stuff, which you do understand.
4. You are on your bike and half way down the street before your wife can finish the sentence, "Honey can you go get a loaf of bread from the store?"
5. When you're walking through a parking lot you veer off course to take a look at a parked bike.
6. When you hear a motorcycle coming up the street you stop and watch it go by.
7. You read motorcycle blogs.
8. You have your own motorcycle blog.
9. You belong to a riding club and you are the current Secretary, Historian, Treasurer, and Road Captain.
10. When not riding you're thinking about riding.
11. Your idea of dressing up is putting on some leather chaps and a leather vest to match.
12. You've spent almost as much money in chrome and other doo dads as you spent to buy the bike itself.
13. You're a year rounder and ride rain or shine.

Now add up how many yes answers you got.
*13 yes answers earn you the title "Moto Maniac." You need to get into some kind of 12 step program such as Moto Anonymous.
*11-12 yes answers gets you the distinction of being a "Moto Enthusiast." Congratulations. I won't be seeing your bike parked in front of a Psychiatrists office any time soon.
*4-10 yes answers puts you in the category of "Moto Dabbler." Maybe you were born without the motorcycle gene or maybe you haven't been fully enlightened yet, a motorcyclist in the making.
*3 or less yes answers makes you a "Moto Poser". You're better off driving a cage. Stick to knitting, basket weaving or worm ranching.

*Disclaimer-I am not knocking knitting, basket weaving or worm ranching. I present those ideas as viable alternatives to motorcycling. By the way I've always thought it would be cool to be a worm rancher. I know my kids would be impressed!


knicksgrl0917 said...
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irondad said...

You see a motorcycle go zipping by when you're out with the wife. She gives you a bad time about looking at the girl with flowing blond hair on the bike. You say,
"What girl?"

That was entertaining. Of course, it would've been even more entertaining if I hadn't scored a "12". That's only because I prefer Cordura to leather!

Kano said...

irondad, oops, I forgot to mention to add 2 points for cordura. I think that puts you over the top my friend!