Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Best Motorcycle Poetry Sites

Hey you moto heads, you're not leaving Kano's Coffee House without getting a little bit of culture. Some of you really need it, having a bike helps but you're going to need some refinement to get the girl. So how about rounding off some of those rough edges of yours?

I have scoured the Internet looking for motorcycle poetry and came up with a list of the very best sites around. So give them a look see, I'm sure you'll agree, nothin better than moto poetry!

Songs of the Open Road features motorcycle related poetry, songs and even Uglicoyote's version of *Haiku which he cleverly calls Biku. Uglicoyote also runs Hard Ride an excellent blog also worth checking out. Biker Poetry, & Words. This site has great biker poetry, well worth the visit.

Wild Bill's Biker Poetry. Wild Bill, poetry, hmm. Anyway you won't leave this site without having a rip roaring, good time!

There you have it; I picked up plenty of culture at these 3 sites without leaving the trailer park. I highly recommend you give them a visit too. Who knows maybe the inspiration will awaken your inner Shakespeare!

*Haiku - Originated in Japan in the late 19th century. The traditional Haiku consists of a pattern of lines, the first being 5 words, the second 7 words, the third 5 words again and so on. e.g.
Loud pipes roar into consciousness
Closing cage windows little boy waves dreaming
Mother looks away not knowing
-Kano (worst haiku ever?)
An update on the best biker biker poetry sites

The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems


irondad said...

Ok, I'm not a poetry kind of guy. Although I do watch "chick flicks" with Katie. With a poet named uglicoyote, I might be willing to take a little look. At least I can still feel macho!

Kano said...

irondad-You and uglicoyote have good names. Maybe I should switch to a better nickname too, like maybe "Kano The Hulk" or "Rooster".

Steve Williams said...

Biker poets. Has a nice ring to it.

My wife writes poetry and last night I sat in the livingroom as she and a friend talked about starting another writing group when they asked me if I wanted to write some poetry.

Have to admit the idea gave me a little thrill which I successfully masked. I said "sure, why not?".

Time will tell if they get a group together and if I write anything.

Until then I will have to keep reciting Alice Mitchell's poem that has the line "... in the car's dream the road goes on forever..."

I'll keep an eye out for your new nickname kano!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Kano said...

Steve-If Keats were alive today he probably would have written "Ode to an Italian Vespa." Maybe you can?

irondad said...

How about Vol-Kano? :)

Kano said...

irondad-I'm steaming about that idea!

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