Thursday, September 20, 2007

Geocaching, A Treasure Hunting Sport on Your Motorcycle

Have you been trying to convince the wife why you need to get a GPS device for your motorcycle or scooter? If you're running short on excuses here's another good reason: It's a sport, hobby and treasure hunt game all rolled into one, it's Geocaching. Imagine the fun that could be had! Read on to find out more.

Go to and look up a treasure coordinate in the zip code you want to ride. Then program your GPS and you're set. Enjoy the ride; see some new scenery along the way. When you arrive at the coordinates, check around inside a hollowed out log or under a trash can for example. When you find the treasure someone left for you, leave something behind for the next treasure hunter. That's it, sounds like fun huh?

My brother in-law found a pretty nice mini mag flashlight, who knows what you'll find. Maybe the wife will lighten up a little if you take her with you! Yep, I can definitely see a GPS device in my future. Now if I could just convince her that it would be romantic if...
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Anonymous said...

Kano..."it would be romantic if"...brilliant! You know, if you added, "and it's on sale we can get it for a steal!" you've got a sure-fire thing on your hand!

Kano said...

sarch-Right you are! I was also thinking that if I had one of those gps units I would hide a dozen roses with a note to my wife and take her on a hunt and let her be the one to find it. That would surely make her feel good about the investment, ah, right?

Anonymous said...

Kano I stand in sir are a master.

BomberJjr said...

Geocaching is a lot of fun, you should definitely get a GPSr.