Tuesday, June 17, 2008

American Motorcycle Gangs vs. Taliban Bikers?

30 Insurgents on motorcycles attacked an Afgan prison freeing upwards of 1,200 nasty Taliban criminals. Read the complete NY Times article.

I don't like the Taliban much.

Their into killing Americans, covering up women, stoning people to death and generally imposing their own brand of Islam on everyone else. I like them even less now because they used my favorite mode of transportation, the motorcycle, for evil purposes.

I say let's show them a thing or two and send in a regiment of Hell's Angels complete with their Hogs and let them kick some Taliban biker butt!

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R.G. said...

Boy,just when you think you have a guy figured out....I'm with you Kano. The Taliban is a cancer on this planet and needs to be cut out. If the Hells Angels can't make it lets get Harley Davidson to donate some rides to some of our Navy Seals. I knew a few personally and while they were very nice ,I wouldn't want to cross them. If you want a little insight into the Taliban I suggest the book "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini. It is fiction but the events are historical.

Kano said...

r.g.-Thanks for the book tip, I'll check it out. Another book and now movie that tells a good story and gives some insight into Afganistan is "The Kite Runner".

R.G. said...

Kano- Same author. "The Kite Runner" was his first book.

Kano said...

r.g.-thanks, that explains why the name sounded familiar.

Anonymous said...

It is important to understand that Khaled Hosseini's books are pure fiction with a heavily sensationalist element to them. The Taliban were very extreme in their ways which alienated many people but what is even more sad is that many people in Afghanistan who once welcomed their apparent demise now rejoice in their rebirth. Political Science 101 states freedom without security does not exist and the current "government" in Afghanistan is unable to provide basic security and law and order to its people. Afghans in many areas are now assisting Taliban takeovers of their districts so that there is some sense of a rule of law. If the US wants to defeat the Taliban, the use of force will not work. It will just alienate more people. They need to focus on providing basic security and services to the people of Afghanistan. Aside from those who live in the cities, the people are nearly as backward in their thinking as the Taliban themselves, for the Taliban are composed of them. Brute force won't work on these people. Many of these people have a pride in their history of resisting invaders and even if it means allying with the Taliban, it won't take much to convince them to do so. These people live by an honor code and to have their honor and dignity disturbed is much bigger than not being able to listen to music and shave their beards.

Kano said...

Anonymous -Your right on the money there. My "tongue in cheek" post made fun at what is really a grim situation for the Afgan people. I'm right on the fence on this one as far as U.S. involvement. I tend to think countries should stay out of other countries business. But on the other hand if one has power to put an end to something that most would agree is just wrong such as stoning women to death, shoulden't someone do something about it? For example, suppose you knew that someone was going to get stoned to death or their heads chopped off at your neighbors house and you knew no one except you could or would stop that from happening, wouldn't you act? It's the same thing for countries. Sometimes intervention by a greater power can be justified. It just needs to be done right, like you say. Thanks for your input!