Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Fathers Day Motorcycle Ride

It's Fathers Day and even though my Dad passed on many years ago I'm not going to forget him on this day.

I'm going to ride my motorcycle up to the old cemetery for a visit.

It doesn't seem like I need to go anywhere to visit him though, let alone a cemetery. He is still alive in my mind. I can visualize him doing just as I had seen him do a thousand times, standing on the front porch of the house waving goodbye as I went.

My Dad always did that when I left, he stood there on the porch and waved even if it was just the day before when I saw him last and would probably be the next day when I saw him next. He always took the time to stop whatever he was doing to go out on the front porch and wave goodbye, as if it would be the last time he would ever see me.

One day it was the last time. At least physically. He is ever present in my mind and because of that, I don't need the cemetery as a reminder.

I'll ride my motorcycle up there though and take my son along. Maybe that will be a lesson for him and me. That time on this earth is limited and that we should appreciate each other and the time we have together more.

I'll tell my son and daughters about my Dad, because they never knew him. When my kids grow up and leave home, I'll appreciate them coming by for a visit and I'll stand on the porch and wave goodbye when they go. Just like my Dad used to do.

Happy Fathers Day all you Moto Dads out there!


Ronn said...

Thanks for stopping by the site and commenting. Great words about your dad. Thanks for sharing!

Kano said...

ronn-my pleasure! love your blog and the memories it brings up about riding my favorite adopted state TX.