Sunday, July 27, 2008

Motorcycling, Escapism and the "Oregon Country Fair" Part 2

Here is the conclusion to the previous post:

...And you don’t know what you’re going to see around the next turn in the path. It could be a banjo player, a sword swallower, or -a tree man.

"A tree saddened by the doings of man."

Being there is like being transported into an alternate reality, kind of like Disneyland I guess. A place to escape the routine, social norms and entrenchment of the lives we lead most days. The fair is a place for folks to be their natural selves and to experience the freedom of expression without fear of the sometimes quick judgment of main stream society.

"Hipsters and Hoopsters"

"A fierce looking Spiritual Warrior."

"Goodbye and Come Again"

This was the third time that I had been to the fair and I’m going to make a habit of showing up every year from now on. I'm not one for donning a costume or strolling around wearing nothing more than a loincloth, but still these are my kind of people and this is my kind of place. Maybe I just need to loosen up a bit...

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Conchscooter said...

On the subject of dressing up(at Fantasy Fest say, in Key West) I like to say it took me 35 years to figure out who I am and I feel no need to get it all mixed up again by hiding behind a disguise. Plus I have the curse of being born on Halloween when everyone expects me of all people to get into a costume. Being around people play acting doesn't bother me in the least as long as i can come as myself.

Kano said...

conchscooter -Yep, I find I don't need much costuming either!